Why Should You Wholesale Artificial Grass in the U.S?

There is an increase in wholesale artificial grass carpets in the United States. The reason is the increase of demand for fake grass. The reason of this high demand is because fake turf is more adventageous than natural grass in many ways. Such as, fake turf has lower maintenance cost than natural grass.

There are different climate conditions in the United States. As an example, Los Angeles dealing with drought in the summer season. However, in some regions such as Orlando face torrential rain and flooding. Natural grass got affected in by weather, therefore, requires high maintenance costs. These are the reasons why there is an increase in demand for synthetic grass.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

  1- Durable

Synthetic turf is highly durable and can be used for a long time. As Nurteks, our artificial grass products are guaranteed for 8 years. However, depending on the wear and tear, and the quality of the product, synthetic grass would last 10 to 15 years.

2- Can Withstand Any Types of Weather Conditions

Artificial grass can be used in all seasons without any damage. This is one of the most crucial things that differ artificial grass from natural grass. Therefore it is a great option to use synthetic grass for regions with harsh weather.

Wholesale Artificial Grass in United States

3- Easy to Maintain

The other important difference between artificial grass and natural grass is that artificial turf is easier to maintain. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass carpet does not require any additional maintenance such as mowing or fertilizing. In regions that do not have much rain, watering your artificial turf would be enough to clean it.

4- Lower Cost in the Long-Term

Purchasing artificial turf might cost higher than other options. However, since we mentioned that fake grass is easier to maintain, it does not require any additional maintenance costs. Therefore, unlike other natural options, fake grass would be a cheaper option in the long term.

5- Creates an Appealing Look

One of the best advantages of installing artificial grass is, your garden will always stay green and look healthy. You’ll be able to amaze your neighbors and guests with the beauty of your garden in any weather conditions.

6- Hypoallergenic

There are different types of allergies and they reduce the quality of life for allergic people. However, artificial grass is produced with allergen-free materials. Moreover, it will keep your garden away from pollens because it does not hold pollens on it as natural grass does. That is to say, fake grass is a lifesaver for allergenic sufferers. In addition, it is safe for pets and children too!

Reasons to Use Artificial Grass from East Coast to West Coast

In parallel with the increase in synthetic grass sales, synthetic grass wholesale sales also increased. As you may know, there is a huge climate difference between the East Coast and West Coast. Now we are going to get deeper explain the benefits of doing artificial grass wholesale in such regions.

Why to Wholesale Artificial Grass in Los Angeles?Wholesale Artificial Grass in United States

Los Angeles is known as one of the most famous cities. However, in the summer season it gets so hot and dry, therefore, faces with draught. Seeing such a beautiful city like Los Angeles facing drought would be rough. Because that stunning green outside is being lost. Additionally, with the drought, all of the lawn work goes away. Consequently,  lose the money you spent for natural grass maintenance with drought. This is the reason why sales of artificial grass in Los Angeles has increased. Since there is a growth of demand, wholesale artificial grass in Los Angeles has become a good opportunity for wholesalers.

Why to Wholesale Artificial Grass in Orlando?

East Coast of the United States, such regions as Orlando faces torrential rains. In such situations, the soil would be diluted and the nutrients that the natural grass needs go away. Therefore, all the effort you put out for your garden will be lost. However, with synthetic turf, there is nothing to worry about! With the appropriate drainage and right infill material, your synthetic turf would stay healthy in any weather conditions. These are the reasons why artificial grass carpet usage has been a huge demand. Consequently, wholesale artificial grass in Orlando would be a great advantage.

Why Choose Nurteks?

There are many great opportunities to wholesale artificial grass in the United States. To make retailers satisfied with your products, you should give importance to quality and affordability.

As the leading artificial turf producer in the World, we offer guaranteed products within high-quality standards. Moreover, compared to other synthetic grass producers, we provide fast production and on-time delivery. Additionally, with a wide product range with different purposes of use. These are;  landscape, sports (multisport, soccer, baseball, etc.). We offer wholesalers one-stop-shop experience with our wide product range.

It does not matter whether you are a big wholesaler or not. We provide you the best artificial grass products at affordable prices. In addition, we guarantee to help you in every process of your purchases along with your budget. We care about customer satisfaction at the top level. We are always here to help!

Artificial Grass Usage Areas

There are many ways to use artificial grass on different occasions. Each products has different advantages within itself. Based on usage, the artificial turf products we produce are follows:

Wholesale Artificial Grass in the United States

Balconies / Terraces
Pet Hotels
Gym Facilities / Compact Personal Use

Wholesale Artificial Grass in the United States


Around poolside
Showroom decoration




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