What is Synthetic Grass and the Synthetic Grass Cost

What is Synthetic Grass and the Synthetic Grass Cost

Affected by the unfavorable weather conditions more than the natural grass, synthetic grass is fit for use in various areas from decoration applications to playing fields. This product which is produced with high-quality standards comprises features which substitute the natural grass completely. As you are aware, the costs of keeping the natural grass alive in every season are high and troublesome. However, the use of artificial grass artificial grass with the same efficiency is possible every day of the year without requiring extra maintenance.

High-Quality Artificial Grass

The purpose of using artificial grass is having more advantages compared to the natural grass. The synthetic grass which have been used in sports fields and landscape areas are now presented to the users with different height, yarn, and weaving density aspects.
The artificial grass choice should meet the needs of the user. Making the correct product choice gives you the opportunity of using the product for a long time and serves the purpose of use. For example, the multisport product which is in the sports field category enables playing all the sports on the same and a different product should be preferred for a football field on which you can play professional football for a long time.

How Do You Choose the Artificial Grass Color?

Artificial grass is produced in different colors. The synthetic grass having different colors are chosen for different areas of use. Some of the areas of use can be listed as in the following:

Green is chosen for many play fields for different sports.

Synthetic Grass Cost

White artificial grass is preferred for the field markings.

Synthetic Grass Cost

Red: it can be used in order to determine the touchline in tennis courts.

Synthetic Grass Cost

Multisport can use yellow synthetic grass products.

Synthetic Grass Cost

Blue is a artificial grass color suitable for tennis and hockey.

Where is Synthetic Grass Sold?

There are two answers to the question ‘Where is synthetic grass sold?’: The artificial turf sold by the producer companies is also sold at the construction markets. You should contact the producer company for the artificial turf, tennis courts or large-scale landscaping. As Nurteks, we have been producing artificial grass since 1972 and we meet you with the best products for you.

Garden and Balcony Artificial Grass Decoration

Synthetic Grass Cost

The landscaping synthetic turf products used for the garden carpets and balcony artificial grass decorations have different options. You have many alternatives for garden and balcony grass decoration. When making a choice, considering the area of use will bring you many advantages. The synthetic grass used in landscapes have many advantages compared to the natural grass. Among the advantages of the artificial turf, enabling long-term use, durability against natural events such as the rain and snow, and low maintenance costs take place.

Football Field Carpet Artificial Turf Cost per m2

The cost of the football field carpet artificial turf per m2 is one of the most frequently asked questions. However, it would not be correct to give a clear answer to the questions about the price of synthetic grass. Criteria such as the quality of the yarn used for the carpet production, weaving density, height, total m2 are determining factors for the cost of the artificial turf per m2. In order to obtain information about the price of the synthetic grass, you may contact us on Whatsapp, by filling the contact form or by phone.

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