What Are Wall-to-Wall Prices per Sq Feet/Meter?

What Are Wall-to-Wall Prices per Sq Feet/Meter?

Some criterias are decisive when determining the sq feet / meter prices of wall-to-wall carpet. Those criteria are the features that make up the carpet. There are determinants for wall-too-wall carpets too. The main determinants are usage intensity, total height, density of the carpet and materials used. Those determinants affects both wall-to-wall carpets and contract hotel carpets.

Everything About Wall-to-Wall Carpet Prices

To determine prices,  it is necessary to choose the carpet that is suitable for the area. The price will vary for the carpet for stairway, hotel room and  wheelchair accessible rooms. In addition, prices vary according to how many square meters/feet the product will be applied.

Turnkey Wall-to-Wall Carpet m2 Price Including Installation

Wall-to-wall carpet

Before choosing wall-to-wall a carpet, you should decide whether you willing to buy it with turnkey or not. During the phase, technical features and decoration will also change the pricing for the carpet too.

Do Different Patterns Change the Product Price?

Wall-to-wall carpet collections are produced with different product features. It can change the price of the product. The features of a product in the gold and platinum collection are different. Both products are suitable for intensive use. However, some technical features such as total weight and pile weight differ. This will cause a difference in price. The most accurate price information will be ‘’after all features have been determined’’ would be the best answer for the wall-to-wall carpet price per square meter.

An Important Determinant for Wall-to-Wall Carpet m2 Prices: Non-Flammable

Duvardan Duvara Halı M2 Fiyatları

Non-flammability, heat resistance, and a class of the carpet are also factors that change the price for wall-to-wall carpet models. The certificates of the products change the price. This feature, which has been very sought after and preferred in recent years, changes the material of the carpet and therefore its price.

Your Priority Should be the Purpose of Use

Duvardan Duvara Halı M2 Fiyatları - Otel Halısı - Nurteks

If you like a pattern, you should consider the usage area and density of that product. The product you prefer just because you like the pattern or because it fits your budget may harm you in the short term. In order to make the right product selection, you can get help from an expert. For carpet prices; You can contact us via Whatsapp, contact form, or phone.

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