We are in India for Bilateral Negotiations.

India Trade Delegation was organized in one of the most important trade centres of the country, Bombai.

India Trade Delegation was held under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy and TEA (Turkish Exporters Assembly) organization in Mumba which is one of the most important trade centres of the country. Indian business people showed great interest in Turkey-India Business Forum and bilateral business negotiations organized within the scope of the delegation.

As Nurteks Carpet, we also participated in the India Trade Delegation held under the chairmanship of Süleyman Kocasert, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly. We thank all guests and visitors who showed great interest in our company and products.

Turkey-India Business Forum, which was organized by the support of Indian Embassy, began with the opening speech of Sushil Jiwarajka, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry representative (FICCI).

Jiwarajka: Our Collaboration increases

Jiwarajka who began his speech by thanking Indian Embassy and TEA, stated that these kinds of organizations and trade delegations are important contributions to the development of India’s bilateral trade with Turkey. He also gave information about the Indian private sector and FICCI.

He additionally emphasized that following the official visit of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in May 2017, the relationships between the two countries gained momentum especially after the independence of India and mentioned about the need for increase in collaboration in service and primarily trade in goods between Turkey and India.

The Vice Chairman of the Delegation, Süleyman Kocasert gave an introduction to TEA and detailed information about Turkey-India bilateral trade relations in his speech, stressing the strength bond between Turkey and India.

Afterwards, New Delhi Ambassador, Şakir Özkan Torunlar gave important details on national and external economy. Highlighting that both countries are a member of the G20, Torunlar emphasized that the bilateral trade between Turkey and India should reach its real potential.

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