We are at Cologne FSB Fair!

There was an intense interest in our booth at FSB International Sports Equipments Fair held in Cologne, Germany.

21 March, 19:03

We thank all our guests who visited our booth at FSB International Sports Equipments Fair organized in Cologne, Germany.

Our booth attracted intense attention at the fair in which 650 companies participated from 45 countries.

A large number of cutting-edge technology products such as field carpet and ice hockey equipment, swimming pool materials, stadium seats and industrial machine equipment were exhibited at the event.

In an interview with AA reporter, Nurteks export director Alpaslan Aras told that they increase their export level every year in foreign currency and Turkish companies are now in a well-deserved place in the global market.

Aras added “We have a good competitive environment. Most companies do business as export-oriented in foreign markets. We develop up-to-date products simultaneously with the world by following the innovations. At this point, our R&D unit is very strong. Our company is licensed by FIFA and we rank number four in the World now. Our future aim is to be among the top three in terms of production by keeping our quality and serve Turkey by reaching new markets.”