Top 7 Questions About Football Field Construction

Top 7 Questions About Football Field Construction

Many questions are being asked before the football pitch construction. In this article, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers questions by those who are going to make a commercial field.

1. Which Flooring Product Should I Use?

There are more than one floor product options for football field construction. Artificial grass, hybrid, natural grass, and tartan are floor options used on sports fields. Artificial turf is preferred for mini football field construction. The main reason for using synthetic turf in mini football field is because it is easy to maintain and can be played sports regularly.

2. What Are the Advantages of Artificial Grass Pitch?

Artificial grass has many advantages. Artificial turf does not require any additional maintenance costs such as sowing, mowing, fertilizing, spraying, and it is quite easy to maintain. One of the reasons why artificial turf is the most ideal option for field construction is that it allows playing a lot of sports on it. Again, you can play sports on your artificial grass in all seasons. By choosing artificial grass on your commercial site; you will be able to have a lush mini football field under the warranty for many years, without fading, without additional costs.

3. What’s a Turnkey Field?

Turnkey field is made by a company from the infrastructure of the entire field to the floor. All elements that make up the field such as artificial grass, grass fence, and lighting are being within the scope of the project and applied by the same company.

4. Do I Have to Build an Indoor or Outdoor Field?

Indoor mini football field cost is more than outdoor field cost. But there is an exception to the places where if it gets very cold in winter, heavy rainfalls occur or if it gets very hot in summer, indoor field construction can more advantageous. It will be healthier to decide whether to choose to have indoor or outdoor fields depending on the climate conditions.

5. Is the Quality of Artificial Turf Used for Sports Fields Good?

Artificial grass products are produced according to different specifications. There are technical characteristics and therefore production differences between artificial grass produced for sports fields and landscape. Artificial turf is a good product option. The important thing is to choose the right product for the right area.

6. Where Should I Get the Field Done?

If you are going to build a commercial field, you should have your pitch built in a central location that is easy to access.

7. What are Square Feet / Meter Prices for Synthetic Turf Field?

Square feet/meter prices of synthetic turf fields vary according to many factors. The size of square feet/meter of a grass field will affect the price of the pitch. In other words, variables such as total square feet, the quality of artificial grass used, indoor or outdoor options affect the price. For this reason, it would not be correct to say an exact amount for field construction. You can contact us through communication channels to find out the cost of the mini football field of yours.

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