Things You Need To Know About Indoor Football Field Construction

After reading this article, you will learn what you need to know about the stages of Indoor Football Field Construction!

First of all, let’s talk about why the construction of an indoor carpet pitch is important. Because open carpet pitches may not always be useful due to weather conditions. For example, on a cold winter day, it is much more difficult to play a match when it is snowing or raining.
This can negatively affect the performance of the play. Indoor carpet pitches provide a more comfortable environment for players.

In addition, indoor carpet pitches are much more profitable. When it is considered, the rate of preference for open fields is low on snowy, rainy, very cold, or very hot days. Therefore, the indoor field eliminates these environmental factors.

In order to have a commercial carpet pitch, where you make the pitch is very important.
You should choose places where transportation is easy.

The steps followed while constructing the Indoor Football Field are as follows:

A field drawing is made in accordance with the land dimensions:

Before proceeding to the construction phase of the field, it is best to have the drawing made and approved by both sides. In this way, it will be clearly understood what to do and how.


The upper drainage layer of the field is created with crushed stone.

Thanks to this process, in case of using water while cleaning the field; water seeps into the underlying stone layer.

The field surface is compacted

The compaction of the surface is very important. Because it is a key point for the ground to be solid. In a field that is not compacted, pitting occurs over time, game performance is affected in a bad way. These indentations can also damage the artificial turf layer.

Therefore, the ground should be compacted and the gaps in the substrate should be closed. Since the compacted ground will be solid, there is no risk of deterioration after the artificial grass carpet is laid.

Felt is laid on the field surface

Laying felt prevents sand from being removed from the drainage holes of the carpet and prevents deterioration of the screed floor.

Synthetic grass is laid on the field surface

The artificial grass is laid on the ground. It is placed so that there are no wrinkles.

Artificial grass’s extra parts are cut

Since artificial grass cannot be laid in one piece, it must be added to each other. However, this should not create a question mark in your mind. Because after the artificial turf is combined, it looks as if it is a whole and does not cause a problem. The excess parts are cut off with great care.

Gluing Process

The cut joints are adhered to each other by applying adhesive under them.

Field’s inside line locations are determined

The places of the lines that should be in the carpet fields are determined. On natural grass floors, this process is done with paint, but the paint disperses and becomes indistinct in a short time. One of the advantages of artificial turf is; These lines are also made with artificial turf.

Field’s inside lines are cut

After the inner line locations are determined, the artificial turf is cut and made ready for gluing the white artificial turf.

Field’s inside lines are glued separately in white

White synthetic grass is placed.

Sand and granule filling is made

After the synthetic grass carpet is completely laid, the granule and sand-filling process begins. This process is also very important because situations such as falling during the game are very common. Thanks to the granule and sand filling, soft ground is provided.

After the construction phase is complete, all that remains is the maintenance of the site. If you take care of it regularly, you can use it easily for many years.

What is the Advantage of Carpet Fields Made with Artificial Grass?

Much more matches can be played on fields with artificial turf than with natural turf. Because synthetic grass carpet has a structure that does not deform easily. In addition, there is no need for processes such as mowing and watering the grass of the field to make it ready for the match.

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