Social Responsibility Policy

Our Social Responsibility Policy

With its “Humans First” principle in every step of production and management, Our Company guarantees to;

  • act in line with the procedures and principles of employing young workers and the prohibition of employing workers below 18,
  • avoid employing forced and involuntary labour,
  • adopt a pro-active approach based on risk analysis, encourage workers to contribute to the occupational health and safety applications and implement a business system that focuses on workers’ general health and safety,
  • avoid any kind of discrimination in any manner while employing, promoting or discharging, employ in accordance with the person’s business abilities, perform pricing, social aid and promotions in these directions,
  • respect the personality and honour of every worker, avoid to tolerate verbal, physical or psychological harassment or violence,
  • implement disciplinary rules within the framework of the current labour contract and legal regulations,
  • comply with the current regulations and labour contract conditions in terms of determining the working hours and adopt voluntary basis for extra overtime works,
  • make payments for normal and extra working as stated in the laws and the labour contract and provide social aids for workers as stated in the labour contract,
  • assess the social compliance of the supplier companies it works with, observe the results of assessments with action plans and increase the social compliance levels gradually,
  • be in line with the current national legal regulations, standards announced by International Labourers Organization (ILO) as a reference in SA 8000 Standard, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Charter and SA Social Responsibility Management System Standard and provide the continuity and improvement of these compliances continuously.