Revolution DBF: The Revolution in Synthetic Turf and the Future of Sports Fields!

Revolution DBF: A Revolution in Synthetic Turf


The importance of artificial grass, especially for football fields, is indisputable. High performance, durability, and low maintenance costs make synthetic grass products increasingly appealing. This article will examine Revolution DBF, a synthetic grass product, and explain why it stands out.

What Is Revolution DBF?

Revolution DBF is the first synthetic turf system to meet FIFA performance requirements without sand infill. This feature is achieved through double weaving technology. There is no shifting infill material within the structure of Revolution DBF, ensuring that the product maintains its performance regardless of weather conditions.

A small amount of organic infill is used in Revolution DBF. The use of organic infill reduces maintenance costs and enhances surface comfort. Since the product doesn’t rely on infill materials, its performance remains consistent even after frequent use. Additionally, organic infill prevents Skin Friction and static electricity formation.

How Is Maintenance Done?

Maintenance of Revolution DBF is straightforward. Since there is no granule infill, you may only need to use 1 kilogram of organic infill annually. As the turf has its internal infill, the fibers naturally stay upright, minimizing the need for drag mats and brushes. The low maintenance cost makes Revolution DBF an economical choice in the long run.

How Is Installation Done?

Revolution DBF is applied by cutting and gluing. The product is heavy due to its double-weaving feature. We recommend a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius during installation for easier application. The product is unrolled and cut using specialized equipment. Installation should be carried out with greater care and precision compared to other synthetic turfs.
The product should receive the value it deserves during installation.

What Sets It Apart from Other Synthetic Turfs?

Revolution DBF maintains its visual quality and avoids color changes. It offers high surface comfort, and organic infill minimizes ball bounces. Thanks to organic granules and double weaving, maintenance is more straightforward than other systems. The product fulfills football playing criteria such as ball roll and vertical deformation even without infill materials. This provides users with both comfort and performance.

Environmentally Friendly

The product is manufactured using recycled materials and has minimal environmental impact. Its environmentally friendly feature emphasizes environmental sustainability.


Revolution DBF is primarily designed for heavily used sports fields and stadiums. It can also be considered as an alternative to hybrid fields, offering performance on par with natural grass. As a result, Revolution DBF provides a significant advantage to professional sports organizations and sports facilities.

The innovative product’s first application site: Gençlerbirliği Field, Ankara

Click here to watch a video of the field!

  • Revolution DBF stands out as a synthetic turf product that meets FIFA requirements, has low maintenance costs, and is environmentally friendly.
  • While its installation requires technical precision, the long-term advantages are clear.
  • Water permeability, durability, and comfort make Revolution DBF an attractive choice for sports fields and stadiums.
  • More importantly, its use of environmentally friendly materials highlights its commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Revolution DBF represents a revolution in the synthetic sports surface industry. And it offers an important alternative to meet the needs of future sports fields.
  • This product can be a significant solution for facility owners and sports organizations looking to meet the requirements of sports surfaces.
  • By choosing Revolution Grass, you can achieve high performance, durability, and sustainability on sports fields.

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