Rain and Artificial Grass Carpet

With the arrival of winter, it is wondered what effect the rain has on the artificial grass carpet.

First of all, we all know how important rain is. We are also aware of what problems it can cause if it doesn’t rain and we definitely need it to rain. If it doesn’t rain, thirst is an inevitable reality.
For this reason, everyone who thinks about the future has already turned the natural grass fields into artificial grass!

Yes, everyone loves the natural grass look. For this reason, artificial grass was produced by taking inspiration from natural grass. While it was being produced, the requirements such as the excessive water requirement caused by natural grass were eliminated.


However, it cannot be denied that some problems arise when it rains. Instant traffic is an example of this. So, does rain create a problem for artificial grass as well? We can proudly say that answer is “No!”

Synthetic grass carpet is resistant to all weather conditions. We cannot say the same thing about natural grass. Because when it rains, natural grass becomes muddy and slippery. Also, natural grass freezes in snowy weather. Turns yellow and dries in hot weather. Fortunately, artificial grass carpets can be used comfortably all year round.

So why is synthetic grass carpet so durable in rainy weather?

1. Does not break down

Natural grass is not thought of as something that breaks. However, in fact, deterioration occurs in too much used areas. It gets crushed and dries.
However, artificial grass does not deteriorate even in areas with high traffic. It is necessary to comb only if flatness occurs after a certain period of time. In that way, it keeps its former appearance.

2. Built to Last

Artificial grass is durable. At least, we can say this for Nurteks products. It is very important to have quality artificial grass. Because you may want to get rid of the troublesome and expensive maintenance of natural grass. If you are buying artificial grass for this; poor-quality artificial grass may make you comfortable for a while. However, since it will wear out quickly, you will have to buy a new one again and it will become more expensive. In addition, poor-quality artificial turf can affect bad by rain.
In order to avoid this situation, it is most logical to buy a quality artificial grass carpet in the first place.

Nurteks synthetic grass carpets are produced according to their intended use. For example; Let’s think of artificial grass in a house’s garden, where an event is organized, and in sports fields.

The product used in the home garden and the product used in the gardens where the invitation is organized may be different. Because while you can use the option you want in the home garden, you should choose more durable products that can handle the heavy human traffic that will occur in the invitation gardens.

Synthetic grass in sports fields are produced in a completely different structure and with much higher strength.

3. It Prevents Problems

A quality artificial grass carpet does not only provide a beautiful appearance. The synthetic grass carpet, which has the appearance of natural grass, is much more than the image it provides. It is a system that provides maximum durability, drainage, and comfort.

4. Provides a Safe Ground

While your risk of falling in the rain is reduced thanks to the artificial grass carpet; Injuries caused by falling are also minimized. For example, natural grass becomes slippery when it rains. Because of this, you have a higher risk of falling and being injured when you step on it. However, artificial grass does not become slippery like natural grass. It provides a softer ground even if you fall. In this way, you can play games and spend time with your children on artificial grass even on beautiful days with little rain.

So What Are You Waiting For?

It is a fact that artificial grass carpet is more advantageous in all conditions, including rainy weather. In these seasons when we will see plenty of rain, the sooner you install the artificial grass carpet, the sooner you will enjoy its advantages. You can view the types of artificial grass on our website. Contact us and get your Artificial grass!

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