Quality and Management Systems Policy


Our Quality Policy is to carry out an eco/human-friendly, the most quality and rapid production in line with National and International Standards by providing the uppermost technological conditions. Nurteks endeavours to ensure the International Quality Standards and meet the expectations of the customers at the utmost level by force of a dynamic structure in the sector.

Our company has EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate. This system is the most important step for full quality. Pursuant to EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate Standards and the related legislation; routine follow-ups and controls annually and detailed Certificate Renewal Controls triennially are carried out.

Our Quality Policy is:
• To produce and timely deliver quality, reliably, affordable products in line with our customers’ needs in artificial grass, wall-to-wall carpets, runners and mats industry,

• To be accordant with the conditions of Quality Management System and to continuously improve the effectiveness and productiveness of our business processes,
• To ensure the satisfaction of both our domestic and foreign customers,
• To do our business in the proper way at one sitting,
• To reinforce the collaboration with our suppliers,
• To increase our product range and market share,
• To respect the environment by providing the protection of the environment where we work and use of our resources efficiently.

• To minimize the factors that may threaten product safety and workers’ health by bringing ergonomics and occupational safety to the forefront during the product design and development processes.
• To plan and implement all required activities to fulfil customer expectations and legal conditions.

Our company shows attention on acting in accordance with quality standards and sensitive to nature and human by regarding the consumer satisfaction as an essential principle.