Revolution Grass non-infill artificial grass is one of the most comfortable artificial grass products since it has 300 microns of backbone thickness and a high pile weight. The most important feature of Revolution Grass is that it does not contain sand and granule. Among its greatest advantages, the clothes which are not painted, shoes which are not filled with granule (rubber) and eliminating the granule smell are present.

It is the only product in the World to have received the FIFA Quality Pro Certificate without using granule developed by Nurteks as a result of R&D research, Revolution Grass, is patented by Nurteks.

Revolution Grass is one of the products which have the biggest number of advantages among artificial turf products. The comfort it provides due to its technical features enables intense-traffic use. “

 Fifa Quality certified.

APPLICATION AREA Professional Football
PILE COMPONENT 100 %Polyethylene(PE)
YARN TYPE Monofilament
THICKNESS 300 micron
Fifa Quality Pro