Carpet has a power that creates integrity in an environment, changes the ambiance of the environment and makes it seem bigger or smaller than it is. However, it is a product that has great effects on your daily life with its many advantages and benefits, especially about heat and sound insulation.

Let’s say you want to buy a carpet; So how do you decide to research, understand what you want, and how to choose the right product? Let’s take this process step by step.

If you want to buy a carpet, you should first consider these questions:

1- What kind of decoration dominates the place where you will use the carpet in your home/hotel? Or what kind of atmosphere do you want it to have?

Let’s think about this question over the hotel. For example, will your hotel be an already existing hotel and only the carpet flooring will be changed? Or is it a new place?

If you are only going to change the carpet, first of all, look at the colors that dominate your hotel. For example, what color are the walls, furniture, accessories? Is it a big hotel? Are the ceilings high? What kind of customer base do you usually have? What ambiance do you want to give?

It is generally not recommended to use carpets with too many large patterns in small rooms and narrow corridors. Because especially large patterns create the illusion of making the space seem smaller than it is. However, if your walls are plain and you want to add movement to the environment, tiny patterned carpets that will not tire the eyes are a good choice. Because it provides movement where it is laid and completes the feeling of emptiness. While doing this, it does not make the environment seem more gloomy or constricting than it is.

At the same time, remember that; The use of the same carpet in different rooms in hotels creates the feeling of walking from room to room in the same house. This makes people feel safe and comfortable there. Usually people develop a familiarity with it.

If it is a new place to be built, first of all, it should be your priority to determine what style you want to have.

Lighter-colored carpets create a spacious, bright feeling. Darker colors can create a more formal look.

2- What is the size of the area you will use?

If you have a large area, you are in a more advantageous position. If your decoration is not complicated, you can choose large patterned carpets according to your taste.

In addition, since the room is large, the color of the carpet is completely up to you. If you prefer a dark color, the space may narrow a little. But if you use light colors, it will look brighter and more spacious.

If you want to make a large area appear smaller and warmer, it will be beneficial to use a dark carpet color and to choose a carpet with a large pattern.

3- Is it a place where people spend a lot of time?

For example, hotel lobbies or ballrooms are places where people step a lot and spend a lot of time. In this case, you should consider the quality of the carpet more than the pattern and color of the carpet. Carpets with dense weaving and high yarn are more suitable for such places. Because when it is thought for a long time, crushes are experienced in places where a lot of time is spent. However, if you prefer densely woven and high-yarned carpets, you will minimize this situation.

Therefore, it would be better to consider the carpet as an investment when you first buy it. Because if you make a decision just by looking at the price; Buying a carpet that is quickly crushed and has lost its function and beauty in a few years does not satisfy you.

Not only buying the carpet, but also removing the furniture from the room during laying, removing the old carpet, taking the new one and placing it in accordance with the dimensions are all things that require labor, energy and time. Instead of experiencing this situation every few years, it would be much more advantageous for you to buy a quality carpet and use it for years without any problems.

4- Is it an environment where children can spend time?

One of the first things that come to mind when considering this issue is that the carpet is anti-allergic and easy to clean. Because children can play games directly on the carpet and they are in direct contact with the carpet. At the same time, due to this interaction, an allergic reaction is likely to occur due to flying dust in the use of an ordinary carpet. Therefore, it would be more logical to choose the carpet as anti-allergic.

It is inevitable that something spills on the carpet while children are playing. For this reason, choosing an easy-to-clean carpet allows you to use it for a longer time and more comfortably.

5- Is it an environment where animals can spend time?

Animals, like children, are creatures that can come into direct contact with the carpet. Or it may be that dirt accumulates on their paws when they go outside. Therefore, choosing an easy-to-clean and anti-allergic carpet will be more useful.

6- Will it be stepped on with shoes?

Places such as ballrooms or hotels are more likely to be crushed and get stained when they are stepped on by shoes. Therefore, using tightly woven and high-thread carpets provides an advantage in terms of crushing. At the same time it is important that the yarn is in an easy-to-clean structure.

7- Is it an environment where food is consumed?

In environments where food is consumed, it is most logical to choose carpets that can be easily cleaned. At the same time, it would be a better choice to choose darker-colored and patterned carpets so that the faint stains that may remain will not take attention. For this reason, it would be a better choice to choose darker colors and patterned carpets.

8- How is the temperature of the environment?

It is important that the yarn of the carpet you prefer matches the general temperature of the room. Since problems such as humidity may occur in hot environments, the yarn should be used accordingly to it. Likewise, in cold environments, a yarn that will keep the temperature should be preferred.

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