Our Information Security Policy


Carrying out its activities in machine-made carpet, wall-to-wall carpet and artificial grass carpet production, design and sale, NURTEKS CARPET adopts information as one of the most valuable asset and takes all necessary administrative and technical measures for information security protection.

In order to provide a continuous development of our Information security management system within the body of our corporation, NURTEKS HALI A.Ş guarantees to;

  • identify and assess the risks related to the confidentiality, unity and access of information,
  • implement all necessary controls for all assets above the acceptable level,
  • minimize the possibility of information security violation, in case of happening, response in a coordinated way,
  • block any kind of interruption that may hinder business continuity, in case of happening, fix  within the targeted recovery period,
  • measure the performance of information security processes,
  • produce targets from these data,
  • minimize our weaknesses and threats using the investments on substructure, working environment, software, hardware and training,
  • meet the security conditions of our business, customers and legal conditions,


  • define information assets as well as their influence on business and potential threats,
  • on business: by addressing the issues such as the replacement cost of an asset, the confidentiality of the information,  influence on the image, the harm on legal and statutory obligations
  • and the dangers such as the majority of weaknesses and the extent of the existing controls in minimizing these weaknesses,  offensive motivation, the attraction of information for rivals, leakage in access controls and the unity of information.