On Which Areas Landscape Products Can Be Applied?

On Which Areas Landscape Products Can Be Applied?

The use areas of the artificial grass are quite wide. The artificial turfs used in landscaping and sports grounds have different features in terms of the product specifications. The features which differentiate landscape products from sports products are that granule is used for sports products. The artificial grass produced with different yarn types takes place in all living areas due to their wide area of use. The landscape products which take place in living quarters are suitable for use on different grounds.

On Which Areas the Landscape Products can be applied?

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The landscape products and landscape synthetic turfs can be used in all the areas in which natural grass cannot be grown or the maintenance costs are high. The areas it can be applied on are concrete; tile, marble or wood grounds. Especially with the landscape turfs, thanks to the drainage holes, the water can be easily channeled under the bottom by means of the drainage channels, since the water would not be held on the grass. The procedures to be carried out on the area to be used and established are of course, rather important. For example, for the application on a concrete ground, we do not recommend using felt at the bottom in any way. The reason is that the felt, which is recommended in order to soften the ground, will retain the water that passes through the drainage holes.

What Would Happen If the Water is retained by the Felt?

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The water which is retained by the felt will cause the formation of smells and bacteria after a while. You may think that the carpet causes the smell; however, the smell is caused by the felt under it, not the artificial grass. The felt will create a smell due to the propagation of bacteria after a certain number of years. Therefore, we do not recommend the use of felt for the applications made on the concrete ground.
For the synthetic turf to remain healthy and have a long life, this problem can be solved by means of small alterations to be made on the concrete. Before the installation, during the land survey on the concrete ground, it should be established that pits, and by extension, water puddles will not be formed and if there is the possibility, the problem should be eliminated by means of the simple method of enclosing the inclinations with alum.

Use of Artificial Turf in Garden Landscapes

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Use of synthetic turf will be much simpler for a garden. We do not recommend direct application on the soil ground after determining the purpose of use and the right product. First of all, the dead bacteria formed on the soil and the rotten weed should be scraped off. The soil to be removed from the area is replaced with crushed stone gravel number 1. Afterward, synthetic turf is applied. However, when pouring the gravel, the gravel must be sloped in a way to channel the water outlet.

We recommend obtaining information from your landscapist or authorized persons for the alterations to be made on the application field. You can contact us on by means of Whatsapp, contact form or by phone.

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