Installing Artificial Grass for Landscape

Artificial grass, depending on materials, has different usage areas. The types of synthetic turf are; sports, decoration, and landscape. In this article, we are going to focus on artificial grass for landscape application areas for those who considers wholesale artificial grass .

Artificial grass is a lifesaver to the lawns where especially natural grass can not be grown appropriately. In addition, it is the perfect option for allergic suffers since fake grass is produced with non-allergic materials. Moreover, you can only prefer artificial grass only to have that appealing look in your living spaces. You can use artificial grass in places such as balconies, patios, terraces, and gardens. However, there are some crucial factors that you should focus on while installing artificial grass.

The grounds in which synthetic turf can be applied are concrete, tile, and wood. In most cases: ‘’Where the water goes?’’ question comes from the potential users. While installing artificial grass on the concrete floors, drainage holes play a huge role. Since water should stay on the grass, with drainage holes, the water could go away directly from the drainage channels.

Balconies, Patios, and Terraces

Installing artificial grass

Undoubtedly, balconies, patios, and terraces are the most comforting areas in our homes/apartments. It allows people to stay connected with nature only with a couple of steps! Nowadays, there is an increase in demand for artificial grass usage for apartments and houses. Artificial grass has become a new trend because of its ease of use. Just as, cleaning synthetic grass can be done only with water! In addition, by using artificial grass, the living spaces turns into more appealing places.

Installing synthetic grass in such spaces is quite effortless. Almost all balconies patios, and terraces have convenient ground for installation with good drainage. Therefore, you can just lay the artificial grass on floor. Just as  you are laying a carpet! The only thing you need to do is to add your decorations and furniture and enjoy feeling the grass under your feet!

These factors given, wholesale artificial grass has become a great advantage for wholesalers! However, it is important to have knowledge about the products that you wholesale. In our blog,  we will give details about artificial grass installation for both wholesalers and the ones who are willing to purchase artificial grass.


Installing artificial grass

Installing synthetic turf in your garden would lower your maintenance costs. The reason is artificial grass does not require maintenance as natural grass does. If the application will be on garden, you may want to now the installation.

Installing artificial grass

How to install artificial grass in gardens?
  1. First of all, we do not recommend directly installing artificial grass on the soil.  If you have soil in garden, we suggest you to have soil removed off.
  2. On the next step, the area where the soil was removed should be replaced with crushed gravel. In that step, it’s important to make sure that the gravel sloped in a way to channel the water outlet.
  3. Finally, synthetic turf installation can be made.

Get Help From An Expert!

In our blog, we have explained how to install artificial grass. Although we always recommend you to get expert help in those processes. We also welcome those who are willing to wholesale artificial grass. For more information and expert help, you can contact us via. Whatsapp, contact form, or phone call.

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