How is Football Field with Carpet Constructed? How Do You Calculate the Cost of it?

How is Football Field with Carpet Constructed? How Do You Calculate the Cost of it?


There are 5 different football field carpet choices for applying football field fake grass carpet. These are open fields, closed fields, regular fields, small-scale fields, multi-purpose fields. Football field construction processes practically have the same steps. First of all, a project is determined and a suitable plan is made for the project. One of the most commonly faced problems when constructing a small-scale field of artificial grass is the question of how many square meters a football field carpet requires.

It would not be correct to give a minimum dimension for the construction of and football field carpet of artificial turf. The minimum dimensions are different for constructing a covered football field and a commercial field. The length is a minimum of 90 meters and a maximum of 110 meters, whereas the width is 60 meters minimum and 75 meters maximum. You can read about the football field dimensions for the fields constructed by laying artificial grass and other variables in the remainder of the article.

How is Football Field with artificial grass Carpet constructed? What Stages Does It Go Through?

  • After deciding to construct and football field carpet, first of all, a proper field should be determined for the field construction.
  • It is really important to make sure that there is enough potential to afford the investment and to have information about how much money does artificial grass cost in the area in which the field will be constructed. That is because making an investment on a football field carpet without doing a feasibility study may result in idle and unprofitable investments.
  • After conducting this research, you can decide on constructing an open or a closed field according to the climate conditions in the area in which the field will be established. That is because the football fields constructed in cold and rainy climates may render your field unusable for the majority of the year and become a loss.
  • After determining the field on which the football field will be implemented, you should have the local administration approve of your football field carpet project and get a license. That is because the fields that started to be constructed without permits may cause great inconveniences for the investor when there is a complaint at the stage of construction.
  • After the permits are obtained and the project is designed, you should determine the dimensions of the field.
  • You should now gain information on how football field dimensions? how to lay artificial turf? how to clean artificial turf? where to buy artificial turf? how to clean artificial grass?

In Turkey, generally, 14 people play football in 2 teams of 7 players each. The ideal dimensions for this number of players are approximately 28*48 – 30*50. However, if your field is not suitable for a football field carpet of these dimensions, you can build a commercial field up to 25*45. The fields constructed in smaller dimensions will not make a great commercial profit. Smaller fields are usually constructed for housing development gardens, preschool, or school gardens for physical education lessons as small-scale football fields.

The Advantages of Artificial Turf for Constructing a Football Field Carpet

The biggest advantage of a proper field of artificial grass is that it enables training and games to be made in a healthy environment. In terms of long life and safety, artificial grass is the best ground alternative. The artificial turf which is an alternative on which the sports players can train every day without being subjected to a time limitation lasts for long years. Since artificial turf would be more advantageous in terms of costs, in the long run, artificial turf is one of the most preferred football field construction materials. Artificial turf resembles a cushion that will protect the players from serious injuries.

A proportional balance is built between durability and efficiency. It is durable for intense usage without any recreational period for watering or maintenance.

Standard Field Dimensions

There are different dimension alternatives for the dimensions of the standard artificial turf field. The dimensions for a commercial football field of fake grass are generally 30*50 meters. You can find the dimensions frequently used in the sector and we recommend for our clients as Nurteks below.

18 * 36 meters= 648 m²
20 * 40 meters = 800 m²
25 * 40 meters = 1000 m²
25 * 45 meters = 1125 m²
28 * 48 meter = 1344 m²
30 * 50 meters = 1500 m²
32 * 52 meters = 1664 m²

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  • 28 * 48 meters = 1344 m²


Goalpost Dimensions

Obtaining information on the goalpost dimensions is necessary before building a football field. Even though the information will be given to you by the producer of the synthetic turf, which means the company who carries out the project, it would be helpful to learn about the technical details beforehand. The goalpost dimensions;

2*3 meters

2*4 meters

2*5 meters

The width of the goalpost can vary between 50 cm and 1 m.

FIFA Quality Football Field Dimensions

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There is a standard determined by FIFA for the professional football field dimensions. The application should be made on the field according to these standards. The FIFA Quality football field dimensions made of fake grass produced at FIFA standards: Width, a minimum of 45, maximum of 90 meters; length, a minimum of 90, and a maximum of 120 meters. For FIFA Quality Pro, the width should be a minimum of 64, maximum 75, and length is a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 110 meters.

Covered Field Dimensions and the Cost of a Covered Field

There are not any exact dimensions for the dimensions of a covered field carpet. The width of the area will determine the dimensions which will be used for the covered football field carpet. The standard and generally used dimensions are 30*50 meters. 2 teams of 7 people each can play games in a covered field of these dimensions. When we ask the question of how much is artificial turf? , the square meter should be calculated first. In order to calculate the cost of the covered football field carpet, you should be aware of the process of building a football field or have prepared a few projects before.

Football Field Carpet Dimensions and Cost of it.
how much does artificial turf cost?

You should consider several factors when calculating the cost of a football field with carpet. The cost of a football field can be calculated at a few stages. The infill to be used, the type of infill, the amount of gravel which affects the cost of the infrastructure, and factors such as shipping directly affect the cost of constructing a field.

We can list the variables which differentiate the cost of the professional football field, necessary in calculating the cost of the football field carpet: making the Topographical measurements, digging the layer of soil for drainage, laying drainpipes for the drainage channels, building bond beam concrete and other procedures.

Football Field Carpet Construction and Dimensions

how to install artificial turf?

After going through the whole procedure we come to the question of how to lay artificial turf? The construction stages of the football field should be carried out according to particular standards. For example, the requirements for constructing a 28*48 square meter football field are as follows;

  • As a first step, a 28*48 football field is established on the field and 4 corner posts are nailed. Later on, the field is elevated on the ground. The elevation of these 4 corner posts should be even. A slope is created from the middle towards the sides in the form of a hogback such as 1000/8.

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  • After the ground is sloped, the earth is compacted by means of a roller having at least 10-15 tons of tread. After the earth compaction, a foundation pit is dug around the field with 30 cm depth and 30 cm width for the bond beam concrete. After this procedure, 5cm lean concrete is poured in the pit.

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  • Following the pouring of the concrete, the surrounding bond beam block having 30 cm width and 50 cm height is nailed. 25 cm of the block remains underground while 25 cm stands on the ground.
  • Then, the reinforcement is bonded in the beam concrete. After binding, the anchorage of the steel construction is welded with the reinforcement constructed by leveling after ropes are drawn every 3 meters. That is because if the concrete pump anchorages are not welded, the anchorages may come loose. As a result of the anchorages coming loose, the girders may be distorted after the concrete sets, thus, the anchorages must be welded.

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  • For the next step, 30 cm width 50 mm PVC pipes are placed for drainage within the blocks which are aligned with the ground 3 meters away from each other. After the procedure, PVC pipes are placed for the electrical outlet under the stanchion posts which are aligned with the longer side of the field. Our bond beam is now ready for pouring the concrete.

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  • After the concrete is poured and the block is removed, a pool having drainage outlets at every 3 meters on a 25 cm elevation will be formed. First, 15 cm number 3 crushed stone gravel is brought into the pool and laid.

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  • The ground is compacted with the roller once more.
  • After rolling, the steel construction is built. Steel construction should be built before rectification. That is because the rectification may be damaged by the team building the steel construction if the steel construction is begun after the final layer of gravel is rectified.
  • For the open football fields, the height of the steel construction should be a minimum of 6 meters. The reason is that the ball hits the top net at smaller height than the goalkeeper’s punt and the game is put off. Therefore, a minimum of 6 meters of construction is ideal.
  • The diameter of the pipe posts should be a minimum of 76 and the diameter of the boats should be a minimum of 48. The stanchion posts should be 89 mm minimum. These measurements are given for windless regions.
  • It would be beneficial to increase the thickness of the pipes in the areas where the wind speed is strong and even consult an engineer for static calculation.
  • Making the bond beam block thicker and building a foundation may be necessary.
  • If desired, 3 meters of the construction may be produced from wire and 3 meters can be built as a net, or it could be a fence wire completely.
  • After the construction is finished, the crushed gravel number 1 is brought for the ground, rectified by hand and the synthetic turf carpet woven as determined by the project is brought and the felt is laid under the carpet.

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  • The felt which is laid under the carpet prevents the sand from falling away from the drainage holes and the rectified ground from being distorted as the carpet is laid.

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  • Then, depending on the height of the carpet loops, dry bagged oven-dried sand and granule is applied at the desired amount for one square meter. The football field carpet is brushed and delivered in a ready-to-use state.And now you have detailed information on how to install artificial turf?

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Some of Our Artificial Grass Project

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