How is Balcony Grass Cleaning Done?

How is Balcony Grass Cleaning Done?

Artificial grass is a turf produced as an alternative to natural grass and its raw material is petrol. One of the areas in which artificial turf is used most frequently is balconies. We will give information about the cleaning of balcony grass for the balcony grass product which is designed to be used in balconies.

How is Balcony Grass chosen?

It would be beneficial to talk about some of the technical features of the artificial grass artificial grass which is used in balconies, before moving on to the cleaning. First of all, you should choose a product suitable for the purpose of its use. The artificial grass used for the balcony belong to the landscape grass group. Which means the height of the loops is between 18mm and 50mm and we will talk about the cleaning of this product.
Landscape grass products are known as garden and balcony grass. The artificial grass designed to be used in your balcony will be a product which will be used without discoloration and wear for long years to come. Let’s look at the cleaning of landscape grass in detail, whose use, application, and maintenance are easier.

How Should You Clean the Balcony Grass? What are the Key Points?

Balcony Grass Cleaning

Since all the synthetic turf products we produce will be antibacterial, bacteria will not be reproduced after proper application. This will prevent bad smells from settling on the carpet. For the cleaning of the balcony grass, you will use in your balcony, you can perform regular vacuuming. The synthetic-based product will not retain stains. You can wipe the stain with the help of a wet cloth.

Is Artificial Grass Affected by Rain or the Sun?

Artificial grass are not affected by rain. On the contrary, they are more advantageous than the natural grass on this subject. The landscape grass product which will dry on its own after rain will provide ease of use at this point. We can answer the question related to whether it is affected by the sun by expressing that the decorative grass products do not have an UV-protective ingredient, however, the landscape products are protected against UV lights. The decorative grass products used in the balcony for decorative purposes are not suitable for placing material on top of them. It means that in the areas where there is intense traffic, you should prefer landscape products instead of season products. The landscape turf is not affected by the sun, their cleaning and maintenance will be different and they should be suitable for use in areas with intense traffic.
You can clean the balcony grass by spraying with water. Vacuuming the product which you will use with the purpose of obtaining the view of natural grass and to introduce more of green in your life and spraying it with water with the purpose of cooling during very hot weather will prolong its life cycle.

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