How is Artificial Grass Cleaning and Maintenance done?

How is Artificial Grass Cleaning and Maintenance done?

Artificial grass is a synthetic turf which was produced as an alternative to natural grass and which has petrol as its raw material, with a wide area of usage. There are many advantages of artificial turf. Among the advantages of the artificial, easiness of cleaning takes place. Synthetic turfs do not require the same attention and maintenance with the natural grass. There are particular steps for the cleaning and maintenance of the artificial grass. We will be listing these in this article.
The cleaning of the artificial turf will be quite beneficial for the time and money spent since it does not require extra maintenance for fertilization, cutting, and ventilation. Of course, this does not mean that the artificial turf does not require maintenance at all; in order to give the synthetic turf the ideal appearance, and benefit from the artificial turf you have applied in the best way, you should provide regular cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning of the Artificial Grass and Protection of the Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass Cleaning

The frequency of the maintenance procedure of the artificial turf depends on the use of the product. If you have pets and your children play on the artificial turf constantly, or there are many trees in the area, and constant training is held on the product, it will require more frequent Artificial grass cleaning. At the same time, in the windy areas, the dust amount will be increased and the cleaning frequency of the artificial turf will increase.

The grass can be cleaned without requiring any intervention during the rainy days. Whereas rain is a major problem for natural grass, it is not the case with synthetic turf. In this situation which also applies to a professional football field, thanks to the drainage channels, a negative situation such as the accumulation of water does not take place and you will have the opportunity of playing football in rainy weather.

Weekly Artificial Turf Maintenance

For the artificial grass built in the garden, one weekly watering will be sufficient.
While cleaning the decorative grass, the landscape, spraying with a hose will enable the small residue accumulated between the dust and the artificial grass to be removed.

Artificial Grass Cleaning

A more comprehensive artificial grass maintenance which is performed monthly will make your grass appear green, clean and healthier. The monthly artificial turf maintenance will be enough in order to clean the dust, dirt, leaves and other residues. A flexible grass harrow, a broom having rigid fibers, or a firm brush will be handy for cleaning. Cleaning your turf in this manner is a significant way of keeping every thread in an upright position. After cleaning your turf completely, you may realize that it does not stand in the upright position as you wish. In order to prevent this, you can straighten the grass with the help of a broom or a brush.

How is Pet Excrement removed from the Artificial Turf?

Synthetic turf is a pet-friendly option. The pet owners can be sure that it requires minimal maintenance in order to make the turf appear clean and natural. You can spray the area with water in order to remove pet feces and urine.

We recommend the homeowners who are planning to have an artificial turf-built is to inform the company from which you will receive information on how to install artificial turf and other services at the stage of building and reserve a space for your pet for soil and chipping. That is because pets such as cats and dogs instinctively dig the ground after defecation or urination.

How is Garden Grass Cleaning done?

Since a garden is a living quarter, the artificial turf may be dirtied by being exposed to spilling, gums, blood, and like events apart from leaves and dust. The biggest advantage is that artificial grass is easily cleaned. At the same time, artificial grass does not burn by fire. Only a melting occurs in the area on which the flame falls. This is repairable damage. Another great advantage of the artificial grass is that it does not retain stain. Most stains can be rinsed with water. After cleaning the area with the residue, you can clean your carpet with warm water and natural soap. You can add vinegar for the bacteria.
Another important tip is intervening with the spilled water at that moment. Intervention before the liquid dries will make your job easier.
While removing substances such as gum and sugar, intervention by hand is necessary. If you have difficulty getting out adhesive materials, you can ice over the area for a period of time. For a toughened substance, you can use a plastic scraper or a similar tool. Do not use strong chemicals or solvent in order to clean the adhesive materials or the materials coming off the grass.

How do you clean Snow and Ice off the Synthetic Turf?

Artificial Grass Cleaning

For the cleaning of the synthetic turf, the best option for the frosting and snow forming on the product is to wait for it to naturally melt. If there is light snow, you can remove the snow by brushing with a broom. If you wish to clean the snow with a snow plower, clean 3 cm of snow and then, brush the remaining snow. It would be harmful to use salt when cleaning the snow on the synthetic turf. The sediments of salt will get in between the artificial grass through time. This will create an adverse situation for drainage. Performing these simple tasks at regular intervals will help your garden to remain clean and smell-free, which will, in turn, make it a better place to relax with your family and friends, play, sunbathe, and hang out.

Football Field – Artificial Grass Cleaning

Artificial grass cleaning of the professional fields and commercial fields should be made regularly. Particular instructions should be followed as the football field is constructed.

In the professional fields, brushing with ATV motors should be made once a week at least. After brushing, the entire field is raked with dragmad and the infill level is balanced. The organic and other waste on the field should be regularly collected. During hot weather, watering should be made to cool the field. For detailed information on the cleaning of the artificial grass, it would be sufficient to apply the instruction of the producer firm.

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