Health and Safety

Nurteks considers the Occupational Health and safety system as one of its leading responsibilities and keeps the system open to continuous improvement. In order to minimize the negative effects of production activities on employees, it accepts the task of implementing trainings, methods and safety programs.

NURTEKS is our home! As we create a safe and healthy work environment in our home, we apply the same practices in our workplace;

  • All collaborators of Nurteks; identifies the risks and effects of production activities in order to take measures to protect the safety and health of its employees and visitors, takes measures to eliminate or minimize these risks and effects.
  • Nurteks follows the announcements related to the occupational health and safety and comply with the related laws and obligations.
  • Nurteks directs the responsibilities about the occupational health and safety to support existing management systems.
  • Nurteks reflects all its goals and purposes about occupational health and safety to its workers as transparent as possible and encourages them to make contributions.