Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

Frequently Asked Questios About Artificial Grass

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass produced with allergen-free materials, and its durable for many years. Therefore, it has been another alternative for natural grass for a long while. Because of it’s ease of use and appealing look, artificial turf become a new trend. For that reason, wholesale artificial grass has become a great opportunity for wholesalers.  However, there are always questions in potential users’ minds. In this blog, we are going to answer the frequently asked questions about artificial turf!

Is synthetic grass safe for children?

Synthetic grass is allergen-free and does not contain harmful chemicals, therefore, safe for children. Moreover, fake turf is a great option for nurseries, schools, and homes with babies and children. Unlike natural grass, fake grass would prevent children and babies from serious injuries because of its soft surface.

I have a dog, can I use artificial grass on my lawn?

Sure! Artificial turf for dogs living areas are highly recommended and 100% safe for dogs. Other than that, because of its soft surface, synthetic turf is a more comfortable option for dogs, than natural grass. Additionally, artificial grass does not stain and urine drains through it. The best part of using synthetic grass for dog owners is, dogs cannot dig it. Consequently, it will save you from dealing with the mud and dirt around, and on your dog!

Does synthetic turf fade?

No. Artificial turf is protected against UV rays and sunlight, therefore, does not fade. You can use artificial turf in all seasons with any weather conditions!

Is fake grass expensive than natural grass?

Purchasing and installing fake grass would seem more expensive in the short term. However, unlike natural turf, fake turf does not require any additional maintenance cost. Therefore, synthetic turf would be a cheaper option in the long term.

How can I clean artificial grass?

Cleaning artificial grass is very straightforward. You can clean your synthetic turf only with water and / or vacuum.

Can I plant trees in my garden if I use artificial grass?

Of course! You can leave the natural turf where you had your plants on. After that you can install synthetic grass around.

How much artificial grass costs?

Artificial grass prices change based on its purpose of use and the product. Each fake grass carpet has a different density, quality, etc.. Because of these differences, prices vary. Moreover, with our wide product range, offer one stop shop experience for those who are willing to wholesale artificial grass You can contact us via Whatsapp, mail, or phone call for more!

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