Football Field Dimensions and the Cost of a Football Field Carpet

Football Field Dimensions and the Cost of a Football Field Carpet

One of the first stages of constructing a football field is obtaining information on the football field carpet dimensions. You should calculate the area you will need in order to construct a football field carpet and if you have a suitable area, the dimensions of the football field you will build. Are you going to have a professional or small-scale football field? You should determine before giving out the project. If you do not have a suitable area at hand and if you are just formulating the idea, you can learn about the dimensions of a football field and rent or purchase a suitable field accordingly. In addition, we will talk about football field dimensions and how to choose artificial grass for a football field in this article briefly.

Standard Football Field Dimensions

There is more than one dimension option for the dimensions of the commercial football field carpet made of fake grass. The dimensions for a professional football field carpet are determined. The most common football field dimensions used and the most suitable among the commercial football field carpet dimensions are 30*50 square meters. The minimum and maximum dimensions for commercial football fields of artificial grass vary. There is no predetermined dimension for commercial football fields.

The determining factor for the dimension of the football field carpet is the dimensions of the field you have at hand. It means that there is no clear answer to the question of what is the exact football field dimensions. You can receive support from the list for the standard football field carpet dimensions produced between certain measuring ranges. Small-scale football field dimensions are generally the smallest football field carpet dimensions known. The areas of use for a small-scale football field of fake grass are different and since these types of fields are built for a hobby, their dimensions may vary. For the dimension of a small-scale football field of fake grass, the determining factor is the size of the area once more.

Sample Measurements


Futbol Sahası Ölçüleri
18 * 36 meters = 648 m²
20 * 40 meters = 800 m²
25 * 40 meters = 1000 m²
25 * 45 meters = 1125 m²
28 * 48 meters = 1344 m²
27 * 47 meters = 1269 m²
30 * 50 meters = 1500 m²
32 * 52 meters = 1664 m²

Football Field Carpet Dimensions

Futbol Sahası Ölçüleri

One of the most frequently asked questions for the construction of a football field carpet is related to the dimensions of the goalpost. Generally, the dimensions of the goalpost used should be 2-5 meters but they may change according to the football field dimensions. The football field goalpost which can vary between 50 cm and 1 meter can be built in a smaller size. These dimensions may be 2*4 meters or 2*3 meters.

Professional football field dimensions

There are determined standard dimensions for the dimensions of the football field. The dimensions of a professional football field are according to the dimensions determined by FIFA. The professional football field dimensions which are determined and sanctioned by FIFA are 45 meters to 90 meters. Since these football field carpets are audited by FIFA at all stages, a good project is required for all stages.

Among the most frequently asked questions are: ‘what is the decare of a football field, and how many square meters is a football field?’ You can make a more accurate calculation based on the length of a football field and the width of a football field. Calculating the dimensions in meters will yield more efficient results at all times. There is a need for a 4050 square meters area for a professional football field carpet; which means 4 decares of the field will be sufficient. For a 30*50 meters football field carpet which will be used for commercial purposes, a 1,5 decares field will be sufficient.


FIFA Quality Dimensions


Min: 45m
Max: 90m


Min: 90m
Max: 120m

FIFA Quality Pro Dimensions


Min: 64m
Max: 75m

Min: 100m
Max: 110m

Covered Football Field Carpet Dimensions and the Cost of Covered Football Field Carpet

There are no clear dimensions determined for covered football field carpet dimensions. The dimensions for constructing a covered football field carpet will be determined based on the width of the area. The accepted standard and generally used dimensions are 30 meters to 50 meters. 2 teams of 7 people each can play on the covered football field carpets built in these dimensions.

When calculating the cost of a covered football field carpet, first, the area should be measured. In order to calculate the cost of a covered football field carpet, you should have general knowledge about building a football field or designed a project before.

Football Field Project Design Stage

After deciding the dimensions of the football field upon considering the alternatives for the dimensions of a football field, you should transform the idea into a project and you think of how to install the artificial grass. Designing a good project before constructing the football field carpet, will make it easier to manage the entire process and lays the base for a correct investment. As a simple example, it would make your job easier to know the differences between natural grass and artificial turf. If you have detailed information about artificial grass, you will prefer artificial grass which you can use for long years and which has easy maintenance. You can fill out the form on the contact page and contact us on Whatsapp or by phone for detailed information on professional football field carpet dimensions and project details.

Choosing the Artificial Grass for Football Fields

After determining the suitable field for the football field and finalizing the dimensions of the field to be constructed, an artificial grass product should be chosen. The artificial grass options will be different according to football field dimensions whether it is professional or commercial football field carpet. How should you choose artificial grass? What are the criteria? The determining criteria for choosing artificial grass are the frequency of playing games on the product and the purpose of use. After determining the purpose of use, you can choose the artificial grass based on the yarn, waving density, height, etc. with the help of a specialist.

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