Dimensions and Cost of Football Pitch

Dimensions and Cost of Football Pitch

One of the first steps for the construction of a football field is to have information about the dimensions of the football field. You should calculate how much space you need for installing artificial grass pitches and, if you have a suitable area, you should also calculate what size of pitch you will have too. Before the project, firstly you should determine whether you are willing to have a professional or a mini-pitch. If you do not already have land and if you are still in a decision-making phase, you can learn about the professional field dimensions and decide whether to rent or buy the appropriate land accordingly. In this article, we are going to focus on those aspects given above while giving some tips about choosing artificial turf for professional pitches.

Standard  Football Field and Dimensions

There are several types of sizes for professional pitches. To answer a question such as how many acres of land will the football field be built on, first of all, it is necessary to know how many square meters the football field is. The dimensions required for professional field construction are realized with certain standards.

There are multiple measurement options for commercial football pitch dimensions and there are certain dimensions for the football field. The most used and most suitable dimensions among the commercial football pitches are 30*50 square meters. The minimum and maximum dimensions for commercial football fields vary.

There is no clear answer for the size of a commercial site. The determining factor in the size is the size of the land you own for the construction of the carpet pitch. In other words, there is no clear answer to the question of how many square meters a football field is. You can get help from the list for standard carpet pitch sizes produced with certain size ranges for mini football field dimensions are generally known as the smallest carpet field size.

The usage areas of a mini field may vary as they will be different and usually prepared for hobby fields. For the size of a mini field; Again, the determining factor is the size of the area.

Sample Dimensions

18 * 36 meters = 648 m²
20 * 40 meters = 800 m²
25 * 40 meters = 1000 m²
25 * 45 meters = 1125 m²
28 * 48 meters = 1344 m²
27 * 47 meters = 1269 m²
30 * 50 meters = 1500 m²
32 * 52 meters = 1664 m²

Football Field Dimensions

One of the most frequently asked questions for the construction of the football pitch is about the necessary measurement of a Professional football field. The generally used goalpost dimensions are 2-5 meters. The football field goal, whose width can vary between 50 cm and 1 meter, can also be used in smaller sizes. These dimensions can be 2 * 4 or 2 * 3 meters.

Professional Football Pitch Sizes

There are certain standard sizes for football fields. The measurements of a professional football field are according to the measurements determined by Fifa.

The dimensions of a FIFA certified professional football field determined by Fifa are 45 meters to 90 meters. A good project is needed in all stages, as these carpet pitches are pitches that are supervised by FIFA in all stages.

FIFA Quality Measures

Min: 45m
Max: 90m

Min: 90m
Max: 120m

FIFA Quality Pro Dimensions

Min: 64m
Max: 75m

Min: 100m
Max: 110m

When calculating the cost of an indoor football pitch, it is necessary to first calculate the area. To calculate the cost of an indoor field, you must know the construction of a football field in general terms or have experienced before with a similar type of project.

Indoor Football Field Cost and Dimensions

There is no clear measure for indoor carpet pitch dimensions. The size to be used for the indoor carpet pitch; will determine the width of the field. The standard accepted and generally used measure is 30 meters by 50 meters. 2 teams of 7 people can play on indoor carpet pitches established with these dimensions.

Design for Football Field Production

After evaluating the alternatives for the measure of a football field and deciding what size you will build an artificial grass football field, you need to do; is to turn this idea into a project. A good project prepared before the construction of the synthetic grass field allows you to easily manage the whole process and make the right investment. To give a simple example; Knowing the difference between natural grass and fake grass in advance will make your job easier. If you have detailed information about artificial grass, you will prefer synthetic grass that you can use for many years and is easy to maintain. For professional artificial grass fields dimensions and project details, you can fill out the form on the contact page, or contact us via Whatsapp or phone.

Choosing Synthetic Grass for Football Field

After determining the suitable land for the football field and finalizing the dimensions of the field, what we need to do is to choose the artificial grass product. Synthetic grass options will differ for a professional or commercial football pitch. So how should synthetic grass be chosen? What should the criteria be? The most decisive criterion in the selection of artificial grass is how often football will be played on it and the purpose of use of the field. After determining the purpose of use, you can choose the fake grass with variables such as different yarn, weaving density, height with the help of an expert.

After you decide to have a professional field, you should make a good project by considering all the stages in terms of correct process management. Choosing all the variables that make up a field correctly allows you to manage the process and use your budget most effectively

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