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Our FIFA-Certified Fields in Turkey

The Benefits of Working with Nurteks

We are one of the leading artificial turf manufacturers in Turkey and the world. However, we are among the few FIFA licensee companies. We serve our customers in all the areas they need. We bring together our unique projects such as; building FIFA-certified fields from A to Z, and the production of project-specific products with our customers. Since our establishment, with our world-class quality, we have been one of the most preferred and trusted companies in FIFA-certified field projects both at domestic and abroad.


Leader in Artificial Grass Sector

Nurteks Advantages

Leader in Turkey

We are the leader in artificial turf production in Turkey. As the company that built the first synthetic turf football field in Turkey, we are proud to be the industry's leading company that produces artificial turf in the highest quantity.

Expert Support

Our sales team with expertise for different regions is here to help throughout your purchasing process.

Application and Assembly

In addition to the production of artificial turf, depending on the demand, we perform the application and assembly of your project.


We are committed to ensuring that all projects for which we carry out the infrastructure and assembly comply with FIFA criteria, and we guarantee receipt of the FIFA certificate according to the specifications.

Why Nurteks?

We have been a FIFA licensee since 2001 and received our first FIFA Certificate in 2003. We produce based on FIFA quality standards both in professional and amateur football fields. Based on our years of experience, we state that the quality is not a luxury, but a necessity for artificial turf. The reason is, a synthetic turf field that is below the quality standards can cause loss of not only money but also the health of the players.

We are among the most important manufacturers in the world in this field by making more than 500 FIFA Certified fields in Turkey! All of these fields have received full marks by laboratories authorized by Fifa. Nurteks holds a world record that is hard to break as the company that makes the most FIFA certified fields in a country!
We know that time is precious. For this reason, we deliver our projects at maximum speed with our powerful equipments and highly sensitive, expert team.