FIFA Certified Football Fields: Nurteks’ Achievement of the 600th Signature Field

Nurteks Signed 600th FIFA Certified Football Field

As Nurteks, we are proud and excited to announce that we have completed our 600th FIFA certified football field! Our company, established in 1972, has prioritized high-quality standards and customer satisfaction. Moreover, it has been a pioneer in synthetic turf and wall-to-wall carpet production. As one of the licensed suppliers by FIFA, we export to over 60 countries worldwide. We are proud to build sports fields branded with Nurteks in every country.

This achievement is a testament to our industry leadership and customer-centric principles. We manufacture the highest quality synthetic turf products for sports fields and landscaping at our Istanbul-based facilities. We have put our signature on numerous professional football fields to date, and we thank everyone who has supported us on this journey.

What is FIFA and the Importance of FIFA Certified Fields

FIFA, abbreviated from F├ęd├ęration Internationale de Football Association, is the highest governing body that oversees football worldwide. FIFA, established in 1904, aims to regulate, develop, and popularize football worldwide. FIFA’s standards cover a wide range from football fields to player equipment, representing the highest quality and performance criteria that must be adhered to globally.

The FIFA certification is a significant indication that a football field meets the rigorous standards set by FIFA. This certification guarantees that the field meets top-level standards in terms of quality, durability, and performance during gameplay. Having FIFA certified fields proves that the football pitch is qualified to host international matches and provides an ideal playing surface for players.


The Difference Between FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro

To assess the quality of football fields, FIFA offers two main certifications: FIFA Quality and FIFA Quality Pro. While both certifications represent high standards, they have specific differences.

  • FIFA Quality Certificate: This certification suits amateur and semi-professional level football fields. The FIFA Quality certificate indicates that the field meets specific standards of quality and performance. This certification is ideal for training grounds and local leagues.
  • FIFA Quality Pro Certificate: This certification represents the highest standards of quality and performance. It is suitable for international professional matches. The FIFA Quality Pro certificate guarantees that a field offers top-level performance and durability. This certification is necessary for professional football clubs and international tournaments.
Nurteks’ FIFA Certified Fields: The Name of Quality and Trust

At Nurteks, our commitment to producing FIFA-certified football fields is a testament to our leadership in the industry. The synthetic turfs produced in our modern facilities are designed to meet all quality standards set by FIFA. As a result, many professional football clubs and sports complexes worldwide prefer Nurteks.

600. We take pride in completing our FIFA-certified field and strive to continually enhance the quality of service we offer to our customers. We manufacture the highest quality synthetic turf products for sports fields, landscaping, and decoration at our facilities in Istanbul. With our customer satisfaction and quality-focused principles, we continue to produce FIFA-certified fields recognized worldwide.

The Advantages of Having a FIFA Certified Field

A FIFA-certified football field ensures high quality and durability. This certification ensures that games played on the field are performed at the highest level of performance. Additionally, it enables the organization of international matches and provides footballers with an ideal playing environment. Having a FIFA certified field is a significant advantage for football clubs and sports complexes.

Get Your FIFA Certified Field Today!

As part of the Nurteks family, we invite you to celebrate this exciting achievement with us. We are confident that together, we will achieve many more successes. If you want to build a FIFA certified field in safe hands, contact us. Our expert team is ready to provide you with the most suitable solution tailored to your needs!

Having a FIFA-certified football field is not just a symbol of prestige, but also of quality and trust. At Nurteks, our achievements and completed projects in this field are a result of our customer-focused principles and high quality standards. Contact us to own a FIFA-certified field and experience this privilege.

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