Everything You Need To Know About Padel Sport

Padel Sporu

Everything You Need To Know About Padel Sport

Padel sport is a type of sport that is played with padel rackets on artificial grass carpet floor. Padel sport, which is similar to tennis has been a worldwide growing trend. In order to be able to play padel sport effecively, the quality of the padel court and the artificial grass carpet to be played on plays a great role on the performance of the players.

What is Padel Sport?

Padel is a type of sport similar to tennis but in smaller measurements. The dimensions of padel court is standard of 20 meters lenth and 10 meters of width. Such like tennis, padel sport is also being played with rackets and balls. The main difference of padel and tennis is, while tennis is a multi-player sports, padel sport can be played with single player on an padel grass ground.
History of Padel Sport.
Padel sport was founded in 1969 from a Mexican Mexican businessman Enrique Corcuera by his sudden decid suddenly decides to built a tennis court at his home, and because of the measurement differences, the game area would not fit for tennis. This difference of game are measurements lights an idea in Corcueara’s mind and Padel game arises.
In 1974, the first 2 padel courts took their place in a tennis club at Spain. By the time of these 2 padel courts’ implementation, it took around 25 years for Padel game to spread all over the Spanish geography.

Padel is the New Trend

There are several reasons for padel sport becoming the new trend. However, there are two main reasons that makes padel sport trendy. These are padel sports having single player option and can be played at any age.

The first reasons is, even though it is a multiplayer type of sport, it can also be played with single player too. The second reason is that, since the area is small, requires less effort which allows padel sport to be played from people with all ages.

player, the second reason people with all ages could be able to play it. While while padel can be played with multiplayer, it also allows be played alone too çAlong with Covid-19, many people began to turn to single-person sports. As a result of that, since padel tennis is a single-player sport type, the amount of padel sport players has increased during the pandemic. Following, it has become one of the fastest growing branch of sport accordingly. Moreover, Padel game is predicted to be even more trendy in the upcoming years. As of February 2022, there are currently 8 million padel tennis players and 4000 padel clubs all around the World.

Padel Court Construction

As mentioned above, the dimensions of the padel court is 20×10 meters which means for constructig a padel court it requires an area of 200m2 which is approximetaly three times smaller than a tennis court. The size of padel court is also being an advantage for investors because, instead of building a tennis court, three padel courts can be constructed to the same land.

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