Everything About Wall-to-Wall Carpets

Wall-to-Wall carpets have many features. In this article, we answer questions such as wall-to-wall carpet usage areas, features, advantages, and more. So if you want to use wall-to-wall carpet in your home or workplace, you will find the answers you are looking for in the continuation of the article.


Why Wall-to-Wall carpets?

Of course, there are many reasons why all hotels and many workplaces make this choice. That’s why we have listed them as follows:

Product Variety on Wall-to-Wall Carpets

  • The advantage of product variety in desired patterns, colors, and sizes. In conclusion, you can choose the carpet completely according to your taste, needs, and the decor of the area.

Easy Cleaning

Easy Cleaning

  • Quality yarn and waving make the cleaning very easy. So it can be used for a long time when it is cleaned regularly with machines with high suction power and carpet washing detergents.
  • It does not keep the stain. That’s why high-used areas like hotels and mosques use wall-to-wall carpets very often.
  • Special yarn of wall-to-wall carpet blocks the germs and bacteria if it cleans regularly.
  • Prevents mold growth.

carpet sound isolation antiallergic

Sound Isolation

  • If a room does not have a wall-to-wall carpet, sounds will be echoing because of the space. That’s why especially for hotels; wall-to-wall carpet use is very important.
  • For example, let’s think about a hotel hallway. People are dragging their suitcases and the wheels making noise. Therefore people in that area will be disturbed by the sound. Likewise, people’s voices will be echoed too. However, in the existence of the wall-to-wall carpet, the carpet will absorb the sound.
  • In the same way, people’s voices in the rooms will be absorbed too. And people can sleep peacefully in silence. In conclusion, wall-to-wall carpet choice is extremely important for hotels.

Heat Insulation

  • Heating a place is one of the costs for an institution. Wall-to-wall carpet provides heat insulation. After that, it provides energy savings.

wall to wall carpet

Anti-Allergic Wall-to-Wall Carpets

  • Wall-to-wall carpets are produced in special ways. That’s why it has many features compared to other carpets. Being anti-allergic is one of them. If people come and go very often in an area, consequently air will be filled with dust. However anti-allergic features of carpet don’t make this situation a disadvantage. Certainly, it’s a very important feature for the ones who have an allergy and the kids.
  • Meanwhile, it absorbs the dust in the air too.


  • Wall-to-wall carpet provides a lot of advantages. And it brings comfort with that. One of them is it feels like home. Institutions aim for people’s comfort in big lobbies, rooms, or conference areas. If a room is covered with wall-to-wall carpet, it feels warm like you walk in a house from room to room. Besides, you can choose the color, and pattern in the way that you want the room to look.
  • Wall-to-wall carpet has a lot of variety. And it brings wide product range. For example, carpets with large patterns are generally not preferred in a narrow room. Because large patterns can narrow the place even more. However, if a very large room is desired to have a warmer appearance, a big pattern would be the right choice. Small patterns and light colors are preferred more in small areas.

carpet safety flame resistant


  • There is a high risk of slipping and falling when there is no carpet on the floor. Especially if it was recently cleaned or something spills on it. Therefore it puts people and children in danger. In a scenario of the existence of a carpet, even if someone falls; the carpet will smoothen down the fall. And it eliminates the risk of life.

Flame Resistant Carpets

  • One of the features of wall-to-wall carpets is that it’s flame resistant. It is a very important feature considering the possible scenarios. In carpets produced with this feature; even if a flame falls on it; its progress will be slow.

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