Everything About Football Field Construction and Football Field Sizes

Everything About Football Field Construction and Football Field Sizes

There are 5 different site selections for football pitch construction. These are; outdoor field construction, indoor fields, regular fields, mini fields, and multi-purpose fields. All football field construction processes have almost the same stages. First, it is necessary to determine the project and make an appropriate plan for this project. In this article, we will be clarifying the questions about football pitch construction, its cost, and measurements.

It would not be right to give exact information about the minimum size necessity for field construction. The reason is that the dimensions in indoor football field construction and fields used for commercial purposes will differ. The measurements changes by length from a minimum of 90 meters to a maximum of 110 meters, and width changes from a minimum of 60 meters to a maximum of 75 meters. In this article, you can find football pitch measurement and other variables required for the pitches made with artificial grass.

How To Produce Artificial Grass In The Right Conditions?

Outdoor Football Field Construction and the Construction Stages

    After deciding to make an open field, it is necessary to determine the appropriate land for field construction.
  • It is very important to make sure that there is potential to meet this investment in the area where we will construct the field. Because the field investments built without feasibility can turn into inactive and unprofitable investments.
  • After conducting research for the location, depending on the climatic conditions in the area where we will make the football field, you can decide to have your field indoors or outdoors. Because if the pitches made in extremely cold and rainy regions are designed with an open-top, could be unusable for most of the year.
  • After determining the land on which the pitch will be built, you should have the project of the field approved by the relevant local authorities and obtain your construction license. The reason for that is, the fields, which were started to be constructed without obtaining their permits, pose a great burden to the investors in case of a complaint during the construction phase.
  • After the permit and project phase is over, we need to determine the dimensions of your field.After the permit and project phase is over, we need to determine the dimensions of your field.
  • In Turkey, 2 teams consist of 7 players each, with a total of 14 people plays football on the fields. The ideal size for the football field construction is around 28*48 – 30*50. However, if your land is not suitable for making a field of these sizes, you can make commercial fields up to 25*45. Below these dimensions would not be commercially beneficial. Generally, the areas below these dimensions are built as mini football fields in places such as the living complexes, kindergartens, or school gardens.

Advantages of Artificial Turf for Football Field Construction

The biggest advantage of a pitch made in the right conditions is that it allows you to train and match in a healthy environment. In terms of long life and safety, artificial turf is the most ideal floor alternative. Artificial turf is durable for many years and it is the best flooring option where players can use it comfortably every day without any time restrictions.

Artificial grass is one of the most preferred pitch construction materials, as it will also be advantageous in terms of the cost in the long term. Because of its surface, artificial turf protects players from serious injuries.

Artificial turf follows a directly proportional balance in terms of productivity and durability. It can withstand a lot of use without any rest period for watering or maintenance.

Another advantage of artificial grass is that it is long-lasting and easy to use. Natural events such as rain on areas where artificial turf is used do not have a negative effect. In rainy weather, the game can also be played on artificial grass ground too.

Standard Football Pitch Measurements

There are different measurement alternatives for standard field sizes. The dimensions to be used for a commercial football field are usually 30*50 meters. As Nurteks, we recommend to our customers and are mostly used in the industry.

  • 18 * 36 meter= 648 ft²
  • 20 * 40 meter = 800 ft²
  • 25 * 40 meter = 1000 ft²
  • 25 * 45 meter = 1125 ft²

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  • 28 * 48 meter = 1344 ft²

Artificial grass

There is no clear measure for indoor football pitch measurements. The width of the area will determine the size to be used for indoor field construction. The standard and commonly used size are 30*50 meters. 2 teams of 7 people can play in closed fields established from these dimensions.

When calculating the cost of an indoor football pitch, firstly, it is necessary to calculate the area. In order to calculate the cost of an indoor field, you must be familiar with the construction of a football field in general terms or have previously gained experience in this type of project.

Football Field Dimensions and Costs

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When calculating the cost of outdoor football pitches, you should consider many factors. Football field costs can be calculated in several stages. Factors such as the filling material to be used, the type of filling material, the amount of crushed stone affecting the infrastructure cost, and the transportation directly affect the construction cost of the pitch.

Factors To Consider When Calculating Costs of Football Pitch

Necessary variables which need to be known when calculating the field cost and the change of the cost o professional pitches as follows: Topographic measurements, stripping of the existing soil layer until drainage, laying drainage pipes in drainage channels, making beam concrete. In order to benefit from the appropriate pricing of your project, you should take these variables into account when calculating football pitch dimensions and cost.

In order to calculate the cost of field construction, it is necessary to determine the field dimensions and location. Although the prices of football pitch construction vary according to many variables, these are the first determinants. Since there is no clear answer to the question of how much it costs to make football pitches, all variables should be known. Infrastructure work is also included in the cost. The feature of the flooring product to be applied afterward can also change the price per square meter. Considering all variables, you can proceed to the project design stage suitable for you.

Football field construction stages should be made in accordance with certain standards. For example, those required for the construction of a 28 * 48 square meter field;

  • As a first step, we set the 28 * 48 field on the sufferance and hammer the 4 corner piles. Then we get our land quota from the land. The elevation height of these 4 corner piles must be the same. We give a slope from the middle to the sides as a herringbone like 1000/8.

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  • After giving the slope from the soil, we compress the ground with a cylinder with a success of at least 10-15 tons. After compressing the ground, we dig a foundation pit for 30 cm deep, 30 cm wide lean concrete around our site. After this process, we pour 5 cm of lean concrete into this pit.

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  • Following the pouring of the concrete, the surrounding bond beam block having 30 cm width and 50 cm height is nailed. 25 cm of the block remains underground while 25 cm stands on the ground.
  • Then, the reinforcement is bonded in the beam concrete. After binding, the anchorage of the steel construction is welded with the reinforcement constructed by leveling after ropes are drawn every 3 meters. That is because if the concrete pump anchorages are not welded, the anchorages may come loose. As a result of the anchorages coming loose, the girders may be distorted after the concrete sets, thus, the anchorages must be welded.

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  • For the next step, 30 cm width 50 mm PVC pipes are placed for drainage within the blocks which are aligned with the ground 3 meters away from each other. After the procedure, PVC pipes are placed for the electrical outlet under the stanchion posts which are aligned with the longer side of the field. Our bond beam is now ready for pouring the concrete.

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  • When we pour our concrete and remove the mold, we will now have a pool with drainage outlets of 3 meters, taken to a height of 25 cm. First, we bring 15 cm of crushed stone, which we call number 3, into this pool and lay it on the floor.

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  • The ground is compacted with the roller once more.

After the Rolling Process

  • After rolling, the steel construction is built. Steel construction should be built before rectification. That is because the rectification may be damaged by the team building the steel construction if the steel construction is begun after the final layer of gravel is rectified.
  • For the open football fields, the height of the steel construction should be a minimum of 6 meters. The reason is that the ball hits the top net at a smaller height than the goalkeeper’s punt and the game is put off. Therefore, a minimum of 6 meters of construction is ideal.
  • The diameter of the pipe posts should be a minimum of 76 and the diameter of the boats should be a minimum of 48. The stanchion posts should be 89 mm minimum. These measurements are given for windless regions.
  • It would be beneficial to increase the thickness of the pipes in the areas where the wind speed is strong and even consult an engineer for static calculation.
  • Making the bond beam block thicker and building a foundation may be necessary.
  • If desired, 3 meters of the construction may be produced from wire and 3 meters can be built as a net, or it could be a fence wire completely.
  • After the construction is finished, the crushed gravel number 1 is brought for the ground, rectified by hand, and the synthetic turf woven as determined by the project is brought and the felt is laid under the turf.

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Application Of Artificial Grass

  • We bring our woven synthetic turf in accordance with the project.

  • We spread our felt under our synthetic grass.

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  • The felt laid under the carpet prevents the sand from the drainage holes of the artificial turf and the deterioration of the floor we have finished while laying the artificial turf.

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  • We spread the felt, we unfold the carpet on the felt we soaked.

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  • We attach the joints, make the whole artificial grass field into one piece.

  • Then we apply the desired amount of dry bag baked sand and granule in square meters according to the height of the carpet.

  • Then we brush the carpet, deliver it ready to play football.

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Indoor Football Field Construction

Indoor football pitch construction is less preferred than standard open pitches. The reason is that the cost of indoor carpet pitch construction is higher than standard pitches. Climatic conditions are one of the reasons why closed field construction is preferred. The open field would not be a very logical choice in a region that is very cold and constant rains. Although artificial turf is not affected by natural events such as rain and snow, heavy rainfall will hinder the enjoyment of the game.

There are many variables for indoor football pitch construction prices. For outdoors, a different type of product may be preferred than indoors. While you are choosing your product, you can consider the purpose of the use and the intensity of the use. When determining the cost of the football pitch, you need to bring all different factors together. For this reason, it would not be accurate to say a price range for a pitch that has not been turned into a project.

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