Choice of Calhanoglu Fussballzentrum Football Academy: Nurteks

Choice of Calhanoglu Fussballzentrum Football Academy: Nurteks

We held a brief interview with Mr. Calhanoglu, the founder of Calhanoglu Fussballzentrum in Germany, about Nurteks and the artificial turf of their choice. It was a great pleasure to work with him. Mr. Calhanoglu and his 2 children are football players as well and they talked about the reason they have chosen Nurteks and their content in doing so.

The Founder of the Calhanoglu Fussballzentrum Football Academy: An Interview with Hakan Calhanoglu

First of all, can you talk a little bit about yourself for us?

I, Huseyin Calhanoglu, am the founder of Calhanoglu Football Academy in Germany, Mannheim. Both of my sons are football players: Hakan Calhanoglu is the captain of the Turkish national team and a player in AC Milan. Muhammed is the company executive and a licensed football player. It is a great and pleasurable advantage for our facility to have my both sons as football players. That is because we created these facilities based on our experiences.

How did you become aware of Nurteks?

Çalhanoğlu Fussballzentrum

We have been introduced by Mannheim Turkspor management. After making acquaintances, we decided to work together.

What were the criteria you used when you bought our product?

Quality, Corporate culture and building close relationships with the customer in addition to fast & reliable shipping. These are the primary criteria when you buy a product. The first step to finding the right product for the customer is building close relationships and having a corporate culture. It is important to maintain the relationship between the company and the customer in a healthy way. We have managed that with Nurteks.

Can you inform us about the details of your project?

It is one of the largest artificial grass field and football centers in Germany. The center is 6.500sqm and the artificial grass is 2.600sqm. We have 4 fields at our Football Academy. Three of them are 15mx30m, and the large field is 18mx30m. We have fields where the football clubs can play football with six or seven players.

When did you open Calhanoglu Fussballzentrum Football Academy?

We opened the facility on the 1st of December 2018 and we continue to give service successfully.

Did the project achieve its goals?

We achieved our goal with great success with the works performed in six months. This project continues to improve since its beginning. It grows through time and our project goes very well at this time. Building such a facility in Germany provides considerably fruitful results.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Nurteks

You hosted names such as the technical director Hamza Hamzaoglu and Bilgin Defterli, who was the captain of National Women’s Football Team for a long time, at your facility. How were their comments on the non-infill artificial turf?

Çalhanoğlu Fussballzentrum

Hamza Hamzaoglu and Hami Mandirali stated that we have a great facility and a high-quality artificial grass when they saw our facility. One of the most important factors in football is the ability to play on the right artificial grass. A good artificial grass gives the players the opportunity to perform on equal fields. This was an important detail.

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