Can The Colour Of a Room Really Impact Your Mood?

Can The Colour Of a Room Really Impact Your Mood?

Can The Colour Of a Room Really Impact Your Mood?The Colour of a room really impacts our mod even if we don’t realise that. That’s why the colour of a room is really important. First impressions can be a life-saver to have an idea about the places where we set our feet on! Therefore one of the smartest ways to do it is, using colours. Colours can be a very powerful instrument if used consciously.

There are many factors that create the atmosphere around the places we are standing. For example objects, walls, carpets, accessories, and paintings can form the room’s general appearance. And the materials and texture of objects reflect the style of the room. Certainly the styles that the room has can change the energy of the room. Above all, the thing we see the most is the colours. Colours are coded in different ways in our subconscious. Therefore, the colour that dominates the room is very important. The colours that we perceive can be a determining factor in how we feel. Also, people are tended to react the same way to some colours.

How do colour of a room impacts us?

Can The Colour Of a Room Really Impact Your Mood?

The brain mechanism perceives the colours that it sees and translates them into a message. A lot of institution prefers choosing the colour by the message they want to give. For that reason we should choose the colour by the sense that we wanted to give. And making it match with the decoration is very important. Certainly, that situation can turn into an advantage. However it’s important to be careful. Because making a wrong choice, could reverse an advantage into a disadvantage. For example light-toned colours like beige and white, makes the atmosphere look spacious, bright and clean.

Moreover darker colours like black, anthracite and brown bring a serious and elegant appearance. Likewise warmer colours create cosy and comfortable looking places. And colours can use in houses differently by the purpose of the room. Every colour has the power of changing the ambience of the place. Likewise making it look bigger or smaller, spotlighting the other objects in the room. Of course if it is used correctly. Most importantly the key thing is using colours decently and making them serve a purpose.

What should be the colour choice for different rooms?

red color of room


Most people perceive red as something to be careful of. In that aim, using red for the places where you want people’s attention will be a good choice. Also red is known as the trigger of feeling hungry. That’s why restaurants use that knowledge as an advantage. When it comes to using red for the house if the room is big and in light colours, making some parts of the wall red or using red accessories will bring exhilaration to the room. Also using red details in the kitchen can create good energy either.


Can The Colour Of a Room Really Impact Your Mood? orange


If a place needs to be more vividly, one of the most common colours that come to mind is orange. For example, we can see the colour orange in a lot of gyms because it brings energy to the room. Meanwhile using orange in the house needs a little more attention. Bright tones of it will be more suitable for the details. And pastel tones of it will be a smarter choice for the wide areas. Using a bright tone of orange in a small room could make the room look smaller and narrow it down. As a result it could strain the eyes. But using a pastel tone of orange in minimal ways can bring depth to the room and provide a movement. Similarly, spaces like hallways can look more pleasing to the eye with orange instead of plain walls.

Yellow:yellow room ımpacts

One of the most important colours to be careful while using is yellow. It provides energy, spirit and dynamism to the area when it is used correctly. For example in workspaces, yellow can be used as a tool to provide self-confidence. And keep the tempo high. However, the bright tone of yellow can feel overwhelming and exhausting. Also make people angry if it is used in the main theme. The right tone of yellow and using it proportionately will be a good choice for teen rooms.

blue room impacts


Blue is the representative colour of the sky and the sea. For this reason, it brings calmness and serenity. For example using blue in living areas creates a sophisticated and stylish environment. Also it is a colour that is commonly used in corporate areas.




green room impacts


Nature is covered with green colour. As a result since we see it in nature, green has a reassuring and relaxing effect. When it is used in pastel and light tones, it adds dimension. And makes it unusual. Also darker tones of it carry a heavier air and it will be nice harmony to be used in living rooms. Raw tones of green create a different and creative environment if it is used carefully.

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