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Artificial Grass Production

Artificial turf is convenient to use in all living space and installation for artifiial grass can be performed easily that it can be completed within 1-2 months. Moreover, installing artificial turf field has various advantages:

• You can hold much more matches on an artificial grass field in a day.

• In hot weather, you need to irrigate the synthetic grass just to cool it.

• Fake grass is affordable in terms of maintenance because rather than natural grass, artificial turf does no require maintanence such as fertilizing and moving

• As long as you keep the filling level of the synthetic grass stable and brush the lying fibers, you can use the artificial turf product for many years. The important thing is to have a quality product meeting your needs.

• Rather than natural fields, artificial grass fields can be used 7 days a week with an using average of 5 hours/day.

• If you have a natural grass field, you need maintenance equipment such as air conditioning lamps and root ventilation machines in order to keep the grass alive. There is no need for them in an artificial turf field.

Advantages of Artificial Grass for Football


Synthetic turf is easy to maintain. There is no need for additional maintenance costs such as mowing or fertilizing.


If properly maintained, artificial turf will last for a long time.


Syntethic turf is antibacterial and it can be used in all seasons. Additionally, it is safe for children and pets and because of its soft surface, it will prevent injuries.

UV Rays Resistance

Synthetic turf products do not fade due to its resistance to UV rays.

4 Seasons

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass fields can be used all year around.


Nurteks synthetic turfs are under warranty and offers a comfortable use.


We have more than 400 FIFA certified fields in the World and we do export from Turkey to
wherever you wish.

We are located in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Yes, we have shipment services. We can send artificial grass products all over the World.

Yes, all Nurteks products are under warranty.

We have expert team for all product groups. When you submit your request to us,we will have you

contact with our relevant colleague. We assist you for all your needs such as product selection and


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