Artificial Grass: Landscape, Decoration, Sports


The time has come and you have decided buy or wholesale artificial grass. In that case, it’s significant to learn usage purposes for artificial grass product groups. Artificial turf has 3 main usage areas that serve for different purposes. These artificial turf usage areas are decoration, landscape, and sports. In this blog, we will focus on usage groups to guide you to choose the right artificial turf.

3 Main Artificial Turf Usage Areas

Artificial Grass Usage AreasDecoration

Artificial grass for decoration purposes use can be applicable in many different areas. You can have decorative artificial turf in such places as; poolsides, terraces, showrooms, etc. However, decorative artificial turf have short life-span. Therefore, we do not recommend them to be used in places where will be stepped on.

Artificial Grass Usage AreasLandscape

Landscape synthetic turf groups can be used in areas such as; balconies, terraces, patios, lawns. This landscape group has been preferred highly for individual use. Moreover, artificial turf is being preferred at; restaurants, pet hotels, schools, gym facilities, and so on.

At some places, natural grass cannot be grown or needs high maintenance. Therefore, artificial turf is preferred instead. The reason is because fake grass requires lass maintenance than natural grass. This is why fake turf considered as easier to use and cheaper option. Additionally, fake turf does not get affected by high amounts of rain, snow, and sun. Therefore, synthetic turf is one of the best alternatives to natural grass. As a result of this increase in demand, wholesale artificial grass has increased in those regions that has harsh weather conditions.

Artificial Grass Usage AreasSports

There are many different types of sports; golf, baseball, soccer, American football, tennis, etc. For this reason, each sports type requires different types of surface. Depending on the sports type, there are different artificial turf products. Choosing the right artificial turf product provides high performance and long-lasting use. For this reason, using the appropriate fake grass carpet is significant.



Above all, before buying synthetic grass carpet, you should decide on which purpose you’re willing to install artificial grass. After deciding on the area, our experts will be here to help you choose the right artificial grass product. As Nurteks, FIFA-licencee artificial grass producers, we provide a warranty for our artificial turf products. We are only one phone away from you. Contact us and your assigned expert would help you at every step of your project.

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