4 Reasons to Use Artificial Grass at Office

Working in a safe, peaceful environment always increases the employee’s satisfaction, therefore their productivity. However, working in an office building without interacting with nature might make employees feel overwhelmed. In that case, installing artificial grass in office buildings would be beneficial both for employees and employers. Artificial grass is a product that has been preferred not only as a substitute for natural grass but also as a great option to the other flooring products too. Installing synthetic turf in an office environment has been increasing for the last couple of years. This is the reason why, wholesale artificial grass has a big trend since new usage areas are arising for it. In this article, we will provide 4 reasons behind of using artificial grass at office.

Why Use Artificial Grass at Office?

Installing Artificial Grass At Office

1. Impressive Work Space

As you may know, the first impression plays a critical role in thoughts. In workplaces, many visits are happening of collaboratives, clients, and so on. Artificial grass appeals to the eye and creates a natural atmosphere. That is why using synthetic turf at workplaces impresses visitors. Therefore, artificial grass has been preferred in office buildings lately since it appeals to eye for both visitors and the employees.

2. Increased Productivity

Green is the mother of nature, therefore, has a huge effect on the human beings. The green color plays a crucial role at workplaces. The reason is, green has an affect on increase in mood and performance. Using artificial grass in the office environment creates the feeling of engaging with nature. As a result, increases  productivity. By using artificial grass in offices, a lively workspace would be premised to employees.


3. Non-Slip Flooring Surface

There are always risks in workplaces. However, decreasing the risk of bad injuries or incidents of your employees is important for work safety. Artificial grass, by its nature, is non-slippery. Therefore, your employees’ risk of slipping and falling would decrease in high percentages. Moreover, because of its soft shock absorbent feature, prevents serious injuries. That is why it has been preferred at places like schools and gym facilities etc.. Since falling incidents may happen in workplaces, artificial grass avoids serious injuries.

Installing Artificial Grass At Office

4. Flame-Proof

Since we have discussed possible incidents at workplaces, the risk of fire should also be taken into account. In direct interaction with fire, artificial grass does not flame. The part where the fire dropped on fake grass will burn.  However, the rest of artificial turf will stay as it is. This is the reason why, artificial turf is a safer flooring option for offices.

Using fake grass would appeal to eye to whose engaged with office. Also it increases the productivity of employees’ while ensuring their safety. As Nurteks, we produce and sell products to who wholesale artificial grass. Wholesale artificial grass benefits in terms of availability and high quality product options for schools, house projects pet/human hotels, gym facilities, and so on. If you are willing to wholesale artificial grass to lead artificial grass projects, contact us now. We will be happy to help!

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