How Should Carpet Be Used In Decoration? The Importance Of Carpet In Decoration.

How Should Carpet Be Used In Decoration? The Importance Of Carpet In Decoration.

How Should Carpet Be Used In Decoration? The Importance Of Carpet In Decoration.

While the main purpose of the carpet was to provide thermal insulation, over the years it has also taken an important place in decoration. With mechanization, hand-woven carpets have been replaced with machine-woven carpets. Developing technology has enabled different weaving techniques and hundreds of patterns produced with these techniques.

Decoration with Wall-to-Wall Carpet

• Wall-to-wall carpets have many advantages. Having a large number of alternatives makes the wall-to-wall carpet stand out. In this article, we will give a few tips for those who will decorate their living spaces with wall-to-wall carpets.

• Decorating with this carpet group allows you to have a large number of patterns and color options. You will prefer dense patterns or dark colors, you should take care that your furniture and walls are in a lighter tone.

• The carpet you choose in a light color will show the area wider. If both the floor and the walls are light, that area looks wider than it is.

• Take advantage of the depth of field effect when using wall-to-wall carpets. If you want to use dark colors that evoke luxury, try to choose lighter tones on furniture or walls.

• Make sure that the shades of carpet and furniture are compatible. For medium-tone furniture, coffee, cream, blue shades can be preferred.

• Decorating with a wall-to-wall carpet also has many technical advantages, such as heat and sound insulation.

Decoration with Hotel Carpet

As hotel carpets, runners, piece carpets and wall-to-wall carpets can be used. These usages generally differ according to the area where the carpets are used.

Carpets to be used in corridors are usually chosen as dark colors. The most important reason for this is that it will be easier to clean. Hotel corridors get dirty faster due to heavy traffic.

Decorating Kids Room with Wall-to-Wall Carpet

In the children’s room, you can choose a rug or wall-to-wall carpet. There are many alternatives for children’s room carpets. When decorating your child’s room, colorful patterns could be a good option. If you prefer to use rugs instead, you might consider choosing light shades.

Children’s rooms are mostly furnished with light furniture. For this reason, both light and dark colors are usually compatible with the kid’s room.

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